POOR LUBRICATION: What ‘data’ are Lubrication Technicians using to grease?

Stories are great. Humans thrive on stories. Being able to hear and then re-tell stories is what sets humanity apart from other living creatures. Weird side note: some humans can hear and re-tell the stories of non-living things like; machines! For example, the below data (sent to us by a customer) would look confusing to […]

LUBExpert Case Study: 70% of bearings are still OVER lubricated

Bearings need grease, however…  It’s a common misconception that if a little grease is good then a lot means better. WRONG! Too much grease will overheat a bearing causing separation of the oil from its thickener and will begin to run out of the bearing. This can set off a chain reaction resulting in lack of […]

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