Laser Shaft Alignment Training​


Laser Shaft Alignment Training

Course length: 1 day
Number of participants: Max 8 people
Prior knowledge: None
Price: Contact us for price information
Location: On your site

Course Aim

• To provide the participant with an understanding of the need for aligned machines in order to guarantee high operational reliability.

• To provide the participant with an understanding of different alignment methods.

• To provide the participant with an understanding of applying different alignment tolerances for centre offset and angular error.

• Practical use of Easy-Laser® measuring instrument to align horizontally and vertically mounted machines.

• To be able to use BTA for alignment of sheave/pulleys.

• To be confident in the handling of the Easy-Laser® measurement instrument in daily work after completing the course.

Course Description

The course is intended for maintenance technicians, preventative maintenance technicians or other service personnel.

The course combines theory and practice and contains the following:

• Laser theory.

• Methods of shaft alignment, show centre offset setting and angle.

• Rotating machines, why one must align.

• Practice mounting and using the Easy-Laser® measurement instrument on horizontal and vertical machines.

• Practice measuring, evaluating, adjustment.

• Practice saving and documenting, transferring to PC.