LUBExpert Essentials


LUBExpert Essentials


LUBExpert Essentials is 7 bundled short courses designed to provide students with everything they must know to Grease Bearings Right! The courses are delivered “on-demand”.

Foundational Knowledge – information that lays the footings for understanding ultrasound and its significant role as the first line of defense against unplanned downtime, energy conservation, environmental sustainability, and employee safety.

Application Knowledge – information that connects the dots between foundational knowledge and how reliability professionals use ultrasound to advance reliability of their assets while creating a winning culture.

Ultrasound Basics – Foundational Knowledge – An overview about the principle concepts of ultrasound and wave propagation theory as they apply to ultrasound for asset condition monitoring.

Sensors – Foundational Knowledge – Understand how ultrasound sensors work. Focus on airborne and structure borne sensor types and tie both sensor structures to applications. Discuss sensor placement, boundary behaviors, and sensor selection by application.

8 Application Pillars- Applications Knowledge – The 8-Pillars of Ultrasound comprise the first step in connecting the dots between Foundational Knowledge and Practical Applications. Understand the concepts of FIT and how it ties back to understanding where ultrasound is most useful.

Condition Indicators – Applications Knowledge – SDT’s unique measurements are feedback mechanisms for truly understanding the specific condition of any asset. The Four Condition Indicators (4CI) take inspections beyond the single decibel and elevate the meanings derived from static trends. Understand how 4Ci develops understanding of the 4 stages of bearing failure.

Lubrication – Applications Knowledge – This application pillar receives more attention than the other seven presently. This is attributed to the poor job industry does to keep physical assets in an optimally lubricated state.

Why We Lubricate – Applications Knowledge – Lube techs inject grease into bearings every day. Do they know why? This course explains the real reasons behind bearing grease replenishment while dispelling a few myths.

How Grease Works – Applications Knowledge – This course explains how the greasing mechanism is built and maintained for the life of the bearing. It explains the churning and bleeding phases that grease lives in. It also explains how the greasing mechanism is destroyed by poor lubrication practices and how that impacts the L10 life of the bearing.

“The Acoustic Lubrication Course was excellent. There was a ton of information delivered and received as I now have a greater understanding for grease, how it works and the correct method for lubrication. I started to use the SDT270 about two weeks prior to taking the course and I am now able to apply the things I’ve learned to my job. Thanks for putting on the course.”

Bruce Bullen – 2nd Class Power Engineer, CRO, NCU