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Experience is retiring, and knowledge comes and goes more than ever. Everyone in your plant should have an interest in asset reliability, and Felix allows them to do so. Felix is an enabler to turn your Condition Monitoring investment from a routine defect detection task to a defect elimination platform through a deeper understanding of what drives your failures.

How does Felix work?

Felix is a condition assessment reporting system that captures and normalises the results of all asset condition reports captured on site. Felix presents and consolidates all that is known about the condition of your assets in one place, provides line of site during analysis to results of other assessment technologies, and standardises the outcomes across all condition monitoring technologies.

Analysis results are rolled up to a single dashboard, and may be presented graphically in an interactive environment. Feedback collaboration, and result notification close the loop around evidence and outcomes, providing a learning platform to support continuous improvement and knowledge capture.

A simpler, smarter reporting system

  • Self-serve assessment outcomes (reports) lets users drill down to the level of detail they choose
  • Push notification to interested stakeholders
  • Faster, more accurate analysis
  • Creates a closed feedback loop of outcomes, recommendations and findings so every outcome can be a lesson learned
  • Cloud-based – easily accessible to everyone, from everywhere
  • Facilitates feedback and collaboration between departments
  • Provides navigational links to and from other systems
  • A permanent, intelligent archive of all asset health assessments
  • Intuitive colour coded graphical representation of rolled up machine health status

What are the benefits of Felix?

  • Improved reliability through better assessment outcomes
  • Improve prioritisation of maintenance spend
    Preserve experience
  • Enhance and retain asset knowledge
  • Learn from the past to help minimise the risk of asset failure
  • Improve collaboration between all stakeholders concerned with asset health

Felix maximises your return from all your Condition-monitoring investments

Please view PDF or view the Felix website https://felixhub.com for further information.

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