Motion Amplification® Training


Motion Amplification® Training

To get the best from your RDI IRIS M Motion Amplification (MA) system, staff training is essential. GVS has been accredited by RDI to provide Motion Amplification Certification training. Our instructors are experienced machinery monitoring practitioners, who offer practical, real-world tuition. We have the materials, training aids and facilities to deliver relevant and useable information, whether it be at our training facilities or on site.


The Motion Amplification Certification training is aimed at helping new users of RDI’s IRIS M MA system. Getting training delivers an immediate return on implementing the new technology. It covers a variety of topics, ranging from motion visualisation and videography to using the IRIS M MA technology to complement and enhance machinery and structural diagnostic capabilities.

Course Content (duration 24hrs)

• Introduction to RDI’s IRIS M Motion Amplification (MA)
• Introduction to Vibration and Motion Visualisation
• Introduction to Videography
• RDI Acquisition
• RDI Motion Amplification
• Motion Explorer
• Motion Studio
• MA Lab Session
• MA Certification test*

* The MA Certification test is optional for attendees to take at the end of the course if they wish. It is an open book exam with a Motion Amplification Certificate awarded for successfully completing the program and test with a ≥80% pass mark.