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Wireless Vibration Product Range

Wireless online condition monitoring systems have the potential to transform condition monitoring and maintenance programs. In the past, online condition monitoring systems have been far too expensive to monitor anything but the most critical equipment. GVS provides the Waites system – a comprehensive solution to combat these challenges.

Waites Wireless Sensor Technology

Waites system will provide you with 24/7 coverage of your plant condition so you have the information needed to eliminate downtime, extend equipment life, increase production hours and spend less time on scheduled maintenance.

Waites is differentiated as follows:

  • Easy to setup and configure – A plug and play solution
  • Earlier fault detection with quality diagnostic data (TWF, FFT & Impact Vue)
  • Ease of management through advanced alarm configuration and maintenance
  • Class leading system reliability and battery life
    Market leading Gateway to Sensor ranges – cost effective deployment
  • Unrivalled solution support through GVS and the Waites Team.

System Overview

Waites offers a diagnostic, wireless online Condition Monitoring System, delivering continuous vibration and temperature monitoring for industrial assets. Its robust network protocol ensures a market-leading network range. The cloud-based dashboard enables easy equipment monitoring with advanced diagnostic functions.

Key Components

SM1-0101 Ex Sensor Mote

  • Contains tri-axial vibration and temperature sensors.
  • High-frequency sensor detects early machine faults.
  • 5-year battery life, field-replaceable unit.

GW4-1420 Gateway

  • Manages up to 480 sensor motes using 802.15.4 protocol.
  • Range: 900m line of sight, extendable with repeaters.
  • Transmits data via 3G/4G Cellular Telstra network with encrypted communication.
  • Battery backup: 4 hours during power interruptions.

Utilises High-frequency Enveloping for early detection of machine faults, providing maximum warning for planned maintenance interventions.

Easy setup with magnetic mounts for gateway and adhesive mounting pads for sensors.

Intuitive web-based software for system configuration, machine monitoring, and advanced data analysis with customisable alarming capabilities.

Offers an API interface for integrating sensor data with other systems or dashboards.

Encrypted data transmission, AWS-managed database, disaster recovery, and customer data ownership. Supported by GVS with local and global technical support.

Waites has a strong track record of reliability, with over 200,000 sensors deployed globally. GVS team provides local support in Australia with quick dispatch and dedicated account management.


The Waites Gateway provides a robust Wireless sensor network with market leading range...

A powerful wireless tri-axial vibration and temperature sensor for general machine monitoring applications...

Combined with our powerful, cloud-based, Waites reliability portal, this high-frequency, high-g, 3-axis wireless vibrati...

Extend the range of the Waites Network with the RT2 Repeater...

High frequency Wireless tri-axial accelerometer and temperature sensor with ImpactVue™...

A powerful wireless node to connect up to 6x wired tri-axial MEMS accelerometer to...

Tethered tri-axial vibration and temperature sensor (11.2 kHz, 50g) for use with the Node 3...

Tethered tri-axial vibration and temperature sensor (3.2 kHz, 8g) for use with the Node 3...

Magnetic tachometer for speed measurement with Node 3 in dirty environments...

Optical Tachometer for speed measurement with Node 3...

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