GVS welcomes John Lawrence to the team!


GVS Reliability Products is pleased to announce the latest addition to our sales and support staff, John Lawrence.

John is by no means new to the world of Reliability Engineering and Condition Monitoring. Overall, John’s contribution to supporting the Reliability and Condition Monitoring sector is nearly 20 years.

For example, John was heavily involved with the early days of Commtest Instruments. The hard work and dedication showed by John assisted in the emergence of Commtest as a serious player in the vibration analysis hardware market.

Given the success that John had with Commtest, this also gave him a wealth of experience dealing with vibration sensors and online systems. He has been well known in the Asia Pacific region for supporting end users with both of the above.

As John’s core role has for many years been providing solutions for remote monitoring of industry critical assets, bringing this experience to the GVS team is only going to strengthen our customer and contact relationships.

Added to all the above, John is a great guy! (Warning; Don’t get him talking about coffee, food or beer… Unless you have a couple of hours on your hands!)

We are super excited to have John Lawrence as part of the GVS Reliability Products team. With a great support team, amazing new products like the LUBExpert and the IRIS M, Motion Amplification system, and fantastic customer support, we are eager to see what the future brings.

Feel free to contact any of our sales staff to discuss your Reliability and Condition Monitoring needs.

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