Air-Lock protects oil drums against contaminant ingression during storage. Temperature changes frequently cause breaches in drum seals allowing contaminated air (particles and moisture) to enter the drum headspace. Such contaminants during storage harm additive packages, increase oxidation, and leads to higher filtration costs. Air-Lock’s patented design prevents contamination by increasing the headspace air pressure, which acts as a barrier against contaminants. Air-Lock also features a yellow fluorescent indicator to indicate a good seal, and that pressure is maintained. Stop contamination with confidence and get Air-Lock today.

Application: Oil Storage Drums.

Dimensions: See Graphic.

Recommended Temperature: -40°F to 200°(-40°C to 93°C).

Recommended Pressure: 2.5 psi./0.17 bar.

Materials: Tritan™ crystal clear and chemically resistant material. Internal: PA6 nylon, 302 stainless steel springs and screws, aluminum valve cap.

Outdoor Compatibility: UV-resistant to protect against long-term sun exposure.

Chemical Compatibility: Resistant to mineral and synthetic oils that are compatible with PMMA (acrylic) plastic and fluorocarbon elastomers.

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