Vibration Sensors for the Mining Industry

Rugged Vibration Sensors used for Mining and Heavy Industry

Mining in Australia and New Zealand utilises many varieties of industrial rotating machinery. This machinery is most commonly used to extract the raw materials and then process the valuable metals and minerals that have been dug from the earth.

In the day to day cycle of common rotating machinery used in mining such as; ventilation fans, pulleys, gearboxes, crushers, motors, drives, pumps, vibrating screens, etc… the mining machinery can often be subjected to several degrees of vibration, from slight to severe.

By monitoring even minor changes in the vibrations of the mining machinery, management and maintenance can avoid unplanned, unscheduled and excessively costly downtime. Not to mention; create a safer working environment for their staff and contractors. Health is your Wealth after all… both for people, and rotating mining machinery!

To assist maintenance and planning professionals to safely monitor and protect critical rotating assets, GVS Reliability Products offers a full product suite of industrial vibration sensors, mining accelerometers, wireless vibration solutions for mining, 4-20mA vibration transmitters, vibration switches, enclosures, cable assemblies and accessories that are specifically designed with the mining industry in mind.

GVS Reliability Products also supply products that conform to Australian standards for intrinsically safe underground (U/G) mining environments. GVS can deliver vibration sensors for underground mining rotating machinery such as a longwall crusher or a longwall shearer. Or, vibration sensors can be furnished for other rotating mining machinery used in the hazardous zone such as conveyors components or ventilation fans.

GVS Reliability Products understands the mining industry and the requirement by the need from mining professionals for robust, rugged and reliable vibration instrumentation. From deep underground to loading minerals on ships, GVS Reliability Products will help you keep your assets safe and healthy.
And as said above, Health is your Wealth after all…

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