Effective Vibration Measurement with HS-100 series

Vibration measurement is essential for ensuring that your machinery is performing to the highest standard 24/7. An example of this is in the mining industry, a valuable industry in the Australian economy, where it is normal for machines and plant to be running 24/7. It is therefore critical that the rotating parts of the machinery be monitored to warn of any tell-tale signs of fatigue or wear and tear. As equipment is often installed in remote or unsafe areas where accessibility is limited, having an awareness of issues before failure inevitably saves time and money to the organisation.

This is where GVS can help. We provides a vast range of quality accelerometers including top entry (HS-100), side exit (HS-100S), dual output (HS-100T & HS-100ST) and triaxial models. Included in our range are a wide variety of acceleration, temperature output, online vibration sensors (HS-420 & HS-420T), intrinsically safe (Underground Coal Mining and Petro chemical), high temperature resistance, submersible models as well as many more.

The HS-100 series are some of our most versatile industrial accelerometers, with both top and side entry connections available with an array of mV sensitivity outputs catering to most needs. The HS-100 series also have a selection of mounting threads that will fit most applications.

The brand “GVS Reliability Products” implies vibration instrumentation of the highest quality. Sourcing and utilising the latest technologies in vibration monitoring, GVS Reliability Products provides first class solutions for a diverse range of machinery to ensure the highest quality output for your business.

To see more on the HS-100 series from GVS, please head to our HS-100 Series page or you can Contact Us directly for more information.

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