VANZ Post-conference

From May 13th – 15th, GVS Reliability Products were privileged to attend and promote our vibration sensors and related vibration monitoring products at the 25th VANZ Annual Conference.

GVS Reliability Products would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the VANZ team for putting on another successful, informative and inspirational conference in an amazing part of the world at New Plymoth, New Zealand.

GVS Reliability Products and many of the attendees that we spoke to found the VANZ conference to be informative and refreshing due to the wide variety of speakers and subjects. Again, thankyou to all those who gave their of their time and shared their invaluable expertise.

In this year’s conference, Good Vibration Sensors was proud to unveil two new exciting products.

  1. The GV-700 “Vibe-Port”; Wireless vibration monitoring system. (Keep in touch with information about the Vibe-Port by subscribing to our newsletter.)
  2. The Condition Monitoring Pod (CMP) Oil analysis tool.

We had great feedback and interest in both of these products as well as our existing product range.

It has been an amazingly busy start to the year for GVS. With new products, new employees and new offices, we plan to engage and support our ever expanding customers & contacts with the best service the industry has to offer. We feel very fortunate to be a part of the VANZ community and look forward to seeing everyone again in 2015.

Until then, please contact one of our sales team and let us know if there is anything we can do to be of assistance.

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