Using remote sensor technology to maximise safety and efficiency

Technology has come along way and it has allowed us to get through day to day life with increased efficiency and safety. Even still, it’s amazing how although we have developed a reliance on technology, we still don’t trust it completely and believe human intervention is a mandatory part of the process.

Vibration sensor technology is no different. Vibration monitoring systems are still very much in such a way that someone still needs to regularly interact with the monitoring – for example, connecting a hand held data collector – despite the operating area being potentially less than safe.

There are both safety and financial benefits in the proper installation and use of the latest vibration sensor technology.

Utilising a remote vibration monitoring system – where the sensor sits within the operating environment and the data collection point is in a separate (safer) confine – is innately safer and a much more effective way to save unnecessary costs.

A worker sustaining an injury as a result of needlessly entering a dangerous area could lead to a lawsuit, loss of productivity or credibility, creating potential financial setbacks stemming from completely unnecessary intervention.

Remote sensing is a relatively simple concept and cost wise, beyond the sensor is relatively inexpensive. The sensor is either wireless or wired. The key is actually in the benefits, which are minimising danger, making sure you are up with current legislation, minimising operating costs and increasing the speed and ease of monitoring. Furthermore, if numerous vibration sensors are connected back to the one system measuring and analysing data then less staff are required to monitor the data, potentially reducing staff costs dramatically.

There are many benefits to using remote vibration sensor technology, from a cost and safety standpoint. However to capture these benefits, it’s important to ensure the technology is installed correctly and for its pure purpose.

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