The sensor picks up the fault, it does not cause it!

With all due respect to engineers, a very bizarre occurrence regularly takes place in industry: when a monitoring system goes into an alarm state, immediately the first thought is to blame the sensor that picked up the fault.

In some ways, this is seemingly normal behaviour. Engineers know their machines, often completely inside out. They’ll have a fair idea if something is worn or set incorrectly and consequently, they may completely disregard any alarm – particularly if this is not the first instance of the alarm going off and especially if there weren’t any issues found with the equipment. With the enhancement of monitoring equipment and vibration sensor technology, in reality, alarm errors are not common at all.

The sensor technology is verified and the manufacturing and testing processes – definitely with Hansford products – are vigorous, precise, consistent and undertaken to the highest standards. Failure is consequently rare.

In saying that, sensors are not 100% fail-proof. They can fail. The common causes are incorrect specification – for example, integrating a sensor in an environment it has not been created for – and when the sensor has been improperly installed. Incorrect installation is the predominant reason for issues arising.

The solution is easy: follow proper procedures and equip your machines with the proper tools.

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