The New Wave of Renewable Energy

Over the last few weeks we have looked at a various sources of renewable energy as the importance of these sources begins to grow in Australia. As we head deeper into 2013, it’s likely that we will see continued debate and discussion around environmentally sustainable energy sources as The New Wave of Renewable Energy.

Recently in the UK we’ve seen greater discussion and research around tidal and wave energy, two renewable energy sources that generate electricity from the ocean. MeyGen is one company looking to expand its resources into this area. Its development of tidal stream technology in the Pentland Firth will create enough electricity for 38,000 homes in Northern Ireland with that number expected to rise as they expand the technology further.

Looking closer to home, we have yet to really pursue this opportunity as an energy resource. There has been significant investment into tidal energy programs in the Republic of Korea, however according to a report on Ocean Energy by Geoscience Australia, it is currently perceived that there is greater prospectivity in other renewable energy sources, so ocean energy has been left on the backburner for now. Given we are a nation ‘girt by sea’ and that renewable energy is a constant discussion point for our nation’s leaders, one would assume ocean energy will be a source that is tapped into in the not too distant future.

As the world begins to grow in this area, monitoring will have a massive part to play in gaining the maximum benefit from this source. The benchmarks in output will naturally be set at a high level, and companies involved in supplying this energy source will require an effective monitoring strategy to ensure they are maximising productive output.

GV Sensors are Australia’s supplier of Hansford Sensors technology, who are highly regarded as leaders in providing condition monitoring for new and upcoming renewable energy sources. The products they provide assist engineers to minimise the financial impact of repairing machinery by allowing these engineers to foresee any changes before they become costly problems.

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