SonaVu Acoustic Imaging Camera identifies vacuum leak within minutes

What is an Acoustic Imaging Camera?

SonaVu™ is an acoustic imaging camera. Using its 112 ultrasound sensors and optical camera, it can detect sources of airborne ultrasound and transmit them into a visual image on its touch screen.

Defects such as compressed air system leaks, compressed gas system leaks, vacuum leaks, the presence of partial discharge on electrical assets, and failed/working steam traps all create turbulence. And when there is turbulent flow present, there is airborne ultrasound. SonaVu™ makes the superhuman hearing capabilities visible to the human eye.

Using an acoustic imaging camera these defects and failure modes can be visualised and pinpointed from up to 50 meters away. And due to the visualisation capabilities of SonaVu™, it’s really easy to use too as demonstrated in the video below.

With minimal device training, maintenance technicians can confidently inspect their assets for defects, long before they cause unexpected downtime. 

SonaVu™ – Bring Condition Monitoring into focus.

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