Slanted Roof Accelerometer Enclosures coming out on top

GVS Reliability Products is Hansford Sensors key distributor in the Asia Pacific region. GVS not only provides the high quality British made vibration monitoring products to many but, also implements…

GVS Reliability Products is Hansford Sensors key distributor in the Asia Pacific region. GVS not only provides the high quality British made vibration monitoring products to many but, also implements well thought out solutions to customers with site specific challenges such as Slanted Roof Accelerometer Enclosures.

Let us give you an example:

A Reliability Technician from a large mining organisation in the AustralianIron Ore sector recently approached Good Vibration Sensors to supply an industrial strength enclosure. The enclosure would need to protect and preserve the often fragile and important terminations of the industrial accelerometers. According to the technician, other enclosures had been previously sourced with mixed results. Poor quality materials and design led to these products being less than suitable for the task. Some of the problems experienced with inferior enclosures were due to the rectangular design. This commonly led to a build-up of sediment and dust atop the enclosure which, if not cleaned prior to accessing the internals, would often cascade into the enclosure and damage fragile internal parts. However, technicians were reluctant to clean the sediment from the surface due to getting “a face full of dirt”. Added to this dilemma was the regular mistreatment of maintenance staff and technicians using the flat enclosure roof as a “step” while attempting to access part of plant that was inaccessible. This practice was obviously unsafe and unacceptable and had caused damage to some enclosures.

Other problems occurred with poor choices of material to construct the enclosures. By not taking into account the environment and conditions in which the enclsoures would be fitted, the products were easily damaged or corroded. This in turn causes issues with unreliable data and expense due to costs associated with replacing the products.

The question was put to GVS; “What can you offer that will resolve these issues?”

As GVS Reliability Products offer a large range of Hansford enclosures designed to house terminations of accelerometers and other vibration monitoring equipment, they had come to the right people. After speaking with the customer about the type of environment that the enclosure was to be installed in, and the problems experienced with design and material, it became clear that the customer was after something specific.

GVS then contacted Hansford Sensors with the issues at hand. Working as a team and together with the customer, a solution was conceived.

The solution; The HS-SR.

A robust stainless steel enclosure with a seal rating of IP66 and designed with a slanted roof.

Happy with the outcome, the HS-SR was then trialled by the customer with the results fed back to GVS and Hansford Sensors.

The HS-SR provides an array of benefits to our organisations from both a cost and safety perspective.

Some points made in the feedback were that the HS-SR is better than other products because;

  • Hard wearing, and robust

Being stainless steel meant it can withstand the harshness of our industrial environment (and technicians!) without damage

  • Improving site health and safety standards

Our boys aren’t going to be able use the enclosure as a step.

  • Better/Cleaner/Safer working conditions

We really like the fact that we no longer need to dig our way into an enclosure covered in sediment! Thanks to the slanted roof, any filth and dirt naturally slides off.

  • Saves time

Due to the lack of cleaning to gain access (either inside or outside the enclosure) we save a heap of time on our data routes.

  • Better Reliability; 

The SR prevents large bits/particles of ore building up and keeps the interior free of particle ingress when opening the enclosure. This eliminates corrosion on terminals and provides better VA over a greater period of time

  • Saves money

Even though there is an initial extra expense on the HS-SR enclosure, when considering all of the reasons I have listed, I believe this enclosure has already paid itself back and more.”

The feedback we received is well summed up by the customer;

The HS-SR is overall a reliable, cleaner & time saving product. This all equates to better financial returns for the company. We couldn’t be happier.

Since then, the new slanted enclosures have found a solid customer base throughout Australia and Good Vibrations can’t see the demand dropping any time soon. The General Manager of GVS Nathan Osborn put it nicely: “with a focus on efficiency, prolonged safety and significant cost savings for our customers, we see the HS-SR enclosure as a fantastic addition to our product range and a real benefit to our customers.

The key to success that GVS has found in the Aussie market (and the reason that their customers keep coming back) is because customers can identify that not only they are purchasing a product of the highest quality, but they are also receiving local service and support that is second to none.

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