Reliability Journey: From Mechanical Technician to Ultrasound Inspector

Ultrasound is considered to be the most diverse condition monitoring technology on the market covering both air-borne & structure-borne applications.


The first signs of change in the operating condition of an asset are usually indicated in the ultrasound frequencies.


Ultrasound should be your first line of defence for asset reliability.

SDT’s NEW ‘Live Online Level One’ (LOLO) is a comprehensive course which walks you through the basics of Ultrasound and how this can be applied across the 8 application pillars. It exceeds ISO 18436-8 requirements and is a combination of 45+ years of technical and real-world experience. Sound daunting? Don’t worry.

SDT have broken this up into 16 x 2 hour virtual sessions over an 8 week period straight to your desktop, tablet or other mobile device. All available for On-Demand playback giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Full course details can be seen here.

Don’t just take our word for it. John Garrison, recent LOLO graduate recently shared his experience and how he used the knowledge he gained to perform ultrasound inspection and analysis on equipment in his facility. Download the full testimonial/case study below.

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