Reassuring our promise of reliability

The team at GVS were able to help their good friends at Anglo Gold Ashanti with a recent issue they were having with the Hansford Sensors Ltd range, reassuring their promise of reliability.

“We had been having issues for over 12 months with some HS-420 vibration transmitters that were installed on a tunnel ventilation fan. The actual vibration was 0.2mm/s RMS and the CITECH vibration histogram showed readings of 4-5mm/s RMS and occasionally spiked to 8-12mm/s RMS. I contacted GVS Reliability Products who had supplied the OEM the sensors to get some support for the issue and was put in contact with Nathan Osborn Nathan promptly came back with some questions about the installation and noted that screening was connected at both the sensor end and the instrumentation end which was creating a ground loop. He also recommended supplying electrical isolation studs and promptly sent these onto site. The issue was resolved immediately. Thanks to Nathan and the team at GVS for their great support.”
– Alex Kuznetsov
Senior Mechanical Engineer
AngloGold Ashanti


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