RDI’s Motion Amplification® has Breakthrough in Communication

The benefits of implementing Predictive Maintenance technologies for improved reliability and availability of industrial assets are substantial. These operational advantages as well as the significant financial benefits of lower maintenance cost and improved productivity are well documented.
Predictive Maintenance often includes the collection of vast amounts of data, analysis and reporting but for some reason the message is just not getting through. All the benefits of Predictive Maintenance are NOT being realised.
Why? Not everyone in the business understands the meaning of the data being collected. As humans we are wired to respond to visuals 60,000 times faster than to words and squiggly lines in a written report, which means information received in equipment reports is often overlooked because it is complicated to understand when presented in letters, numbers and graphs.
RDI Technologies has taken advantage of this preference to imagery and applied it to their products, taking technicians to the next level of Asset Management and Reliability through their advanced Motion Amplification® technology.
They have designed products such as the IRIS M™ and IRIS CM™ where you are able to instantly see, analyse, and communicate what may be invisible to the naked eye by turning every pixel of the product’s camera into a displacement sensor. With this incredibly accurate technology you are immediately able to identify the root cause of the problem and apply this information to action.
RDI Technologies Motion Amplification® delivers a breakthrough in communication, getting the message through to everyone in the business with their world-class products. It is because of these products that all the benefits of Predictive Maintenance can been be achieved, through the advanced technology and constant software updates integrated into these systems. This commitment to producing only the best Motion Amplification® equipment reiterates RDI’s well-known ethos; SEEING IS BELIEVING.
To learn more about RDI’s breakthrough Motion Amplification® technology, follow the link below to watch how they solve problems using the world-class systems. Or get in touch with GVS Reliability Products today!

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