OEMs and successful Vibration Monitoring

OEMs use vibration monitoring assets to protect their vibrating assets.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are constantly striving to improve their product offerings and technologies, firstly to improve the customer’s experience and secondly to set themselves apart from their competition.

For OEMs of domestic products such as a dishwasher manufacturer, those improvements might include a new spraying technology for cleaner dishes or, a free 12monthly inspection by a certified repairer to give advice on the condition of the machine. But for OEMs of heavy industrial equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to their customers, and often worth even more in lost production should the plant fail, the drive for greater customer satisfaction is even more important.

In many areas of industrial plant manufacturing; pumps, fans, gearboxes, conveyor systems, minerals processing equipment etc… GVS Reliability Products are seeing a shift by OEMs to provide specialised condition monitoring for the plant that is being purchased by the end user.

This may come in the form of a condition monitoring service team or person. But, what GVS are seeing more of is; a push for asset specific condition monitoring systems. These systems often include vibration monitoring and are hard wired to the OEMs equipment to gather asset condition data. The condition monitoring system then feeds that important asset health data to numerous locations such as:

  • The OEMs head office
  • The Plant Operators control system
  • Onsite/offsite Condition Monitoring professionals
  • Asset Maintenance team

With any number of the professionals and experts listed above having access to the condition monitoring data, failures and unplanned downtime should quickly become a thing of the past.

An increasing trend GVS are seeing is the OEM remotely monitoring their own assets off site at their HQ. This gives unprecedented 24hr access to data on the health and condition of their products. With that data so readily accessible, any number of actions can be undertaken from RCA, to design improvements or even alerting site personnel that warranty will be void unless corrective actions be taken on assets showing major signs of problems.

With the OEM providing a focused and plant specific condition monitoring system, they have the ability to give the end user a reliable and proven asset to protect the asset. That makes everyone involved from mine managers to shareholders sleep a whole lot better at night.

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