Nuclear Power and the Importance of Vibration Monitoring

Nuclear power and the importance of Vibration Monitoring is beginning to expand around the globe. Overall, there is 435 nuclear power reactors, with 60 currently in construction in different places across the world. Several federal politicians are suggesting developing backup plans in case nuclear power doesn’t deliver their promised output.

There are currently a number of key issues with nuclear power; there is an extremely high outlay required to construct power stations and there is strong opposition to nuclear power by lobbyist groups around the world. These issues could act as a barrier to plans to construct 16GW worth of nuclear capability.

Nuclear power stations are just one of a number of areas where vibration monitoring and predictive maintenance are imperative measures to minimise costs and maximise safety of the nuclear plant. The reliance on nuclear technology to drive the energy needs of a growing population relies on minimising downtime and developing energy at the most efficient cost to governments.

Utilising vibration sensor technology to predict issues before they occur, such as component wearing to the point of failure, engineers are able to foresee the issue before it shuts down a plant and grinds the power supply to a halt. For the nuclear power industry, this technology is crucial for power station cooling towers as they need to be running all day, every day to ensure power generation is at its most productive.

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