New: Luneta Condition Monitoring Pod

Good Vibration Sensors is proud to introduce a new product; the Luneta Condition Monitoring Pod (CMP). This multi-parameter unit has been specifically designed to efficiently provide a clearer picture of oil and lubricant condition in heavy machinery.

Currently, there are multiple ways to test and assess your oil/lubricants but, for each method, you are only provided with one piece of information, and gathering samples for each method takes time. The unique nature of the CMP takes you into the heart of your machine, therefore, giving you the most accurate data on the health and life of your asset.

The CMP is designed to bring many of these condition monitoring and oil analysis methods into one place making it; easy to locate, easy to use and essentially, time saving . For a marginally higher cost than that of a normal oil sample point, the decision should be easy.
In one small easy to use unit, the CMP provides the following –

  • 3-D Sight Glass – Provides quick inspection for water emulsions, foam and sediment
  • Built in Oil sampling valve – Lets you take live-zone samples
  • Magnetic Plug – Quick glance for wear debris
  • Level Crosshairs – For precision oil levelling
  • Detection Rod – Quick observation of corrosion and varnish issues
  • Quick Access Point – The detection rod can be easily removed to take further field tests including oil temperature, viscosity, water contamination, blotter and more.

Installation is a breeze with the use of metal shims to help the installer provide the desired orientation of the unit. We at GV Sensors are already receiving positive feedback and praise from our customers as well as an increase in sales.

Comments from our customers:
“I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before.”
“Using the CMP, I am saving time gathering data, giving me more time to perform RCA on real problems”
“For little more than the cost of a traditional oil sampling point, for us it was a no-brainer”

It may sound too good to be true but why not contact us and find out for yourself. It has been said that “Life’s better with Luneta”, & we’re inclined to agree!

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