New HS-429 vibration switch protects critical assets

GVS Reliability Products is excited and proud to introduce into Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific region the new Hansford Sensors HS-429. The HS-429 is a new compact vibration switch, designed to protect machinery against unexpected shutdown and repair costs. The HS-429 automatically trips in the event of detected excessive vibration, allowing critical systems to be shut down before damage can occur.

The distinct advantage of the HS-429 is that it is one of the most compact vibration switches on the market, thus enabling continuous monitoring and protection of assets that were once restricted by tight spaces. The HS-429 is designed to transmit a 4-20mA signal, features an adjustable false trigger delay of up to one minute to prevent error trips (which may occur at machine start up) and is overload protected to a maximum shock of 100g.

The HS-429, which features a MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) accelerometer integrated onto the I.C. (Integrated Circuit) microchip, with the maximum RMS velocity set point and response delay time adjustable using two rotating setup dials, it is quick and simple to set up. With sealing of IP67 and designed to perform reliably within a temperature range of -25 to +80 degrees Celsius, the HS-429 is ideal for use in a range of sectors from: 

  • Mining and minerals processing
  • Bulk handling 
  • Pulp and paper 
  • Metals manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Automotive
  • Water 
  • Building services
  • Pharmaceutical
  • etc…

Chris Hansford, Managing Director at Hansford Sensors, explains: “Minimising machine downtime and maintenance costs are essential for the productivity and profitability of manufacturers. The HS-429 provides a simple, cost effective method of continuous monitoring for protecting motors, generators, engines, pumps and fans, ensuring greater machine availability and increased output.”

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