Luneta 3D sight glass

‘Take oil inspection to the next level and make it a critical focal point to condition monitoring.’ The preceeding sentence is Luneta’s business statement. It is an honourable and challenging goal and GVS reliability products is proud to be working with Luneta to help them try to achieve it. Now with the introduction of the new ‘3D sight glass’, this goal is getting ever closer to realization. Luneta have taken the traditional oil view bullseye and renewed/reinvented/enhanced it to, not only boost visual inspection but, to withstand harsh environments in which they are so typically installed.

The first thing to notice about the ‘3D sight glass’ is the crystal clear glass. Luneta spent years perfecting the formula which we now know as Tritan, a high-performance co-polyester material which is stronger than bullet proof glass and/or 4 x stronger than a standard acrylic glass. This enabled Luneta to design a thinner outer wall which provides the end user with a clearer window into their machine without losing durability. Follow this link to watch an impressive short film on the physical strength of the sight glass compared to other market products. The results are astounding.

This glass is not only shatterproof but chemically resistant as well. In this day and age (with so many varied types of oils and lubricants being used) chemical resistance is a huge advantage. 

But wait! Theres more!! 

To top it all off, Luneta have added a moulded Hex Nut and Eyelets for easy installation and tagging.

With all of the above added advantage of the ‘3D sight glass’ to the normal market product, there is only one question that remains; what sight glass are you going to choose?

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