“Logging” into success for GVS sponsored surfer; Dane Pioli.

GVS Reliability Products is proud to sponsor local Aussie surfer, Dane Pioli. Dane has had somewhat of a break from the professional circuit but is ready and rearing to give…

GVS Reliability Products is proud to sponsor local Aussie surfer, Dane Pioli. Dane has had somewhat of a break from the professional circuit but is ready and rearing to give it a crack once again.
Read on for a summary of Dane’s recent results and adventures!

Since i have been back in Australia i have had a great run of waves here on the gold coast and down the north coast of NSW.

In the last newsletter i spoke about my goal this year to requalify for the world longboard tour and becoming a step closer to my childhood dream of becoming world champion.

So the first of the WLQS competitions was held at Kingscliff beach on the north coast of NSW and attracted surfers from all over the world. Countries such as U.S.A, France, New Zealand,China, Reuninion island were all represented.

I was unlucky in the quarter finals to just miss out on getting through to the semi’s but I finished the event in equal 5th and that result has put 3rd on the Australaian points tally for requalification.

We have 2 more events this year and if I can stay in the top 3 positions I will be back on the world tour.

I did happen to make the final in the log division where I finished 3rd overall. The only 2 people finishing ahead of me were the current world champion, and the 2013 world champion so, I was proud with my efforts considering I have not competed in over 18months. To come back to compete in miserable 1foot conditions after living and surfing perfect waves in indonesia for the last 4 years, I consider it a good result and look forward to the rest of the year.

I will be heading to Sydney this weekend for the Invitational only Curly Maljam which is held at Curl Curl beach on the northern beaches of Sydney. Once again it will be hotly contested by the best long boarders in Australia and some from overseas. This event has no effect on the qualifying ratings but with good prize money and the bragging rights of being the winner of this event is a massive accolade for the winner.

I was lucky enough to win the inaugural event back in 2010 and this will be my chance to take the title back.

I have attached a few photos from the event at kings cliff and also some photos from around the gold coast from this month.

1 month later

Following up from last edition;

The curly maljam was a massive win for my confidence, beating the current world champ and 2012 world champ in the final was unreal. The waves were only small and competition was tuff throughout the whole contest. The conditions at curl curl beach and were 2-3feet fun lefts and rights. In the final I was quick to get a good score posted of a 9.2 and backed it up later throughout the final with another 9.0 and that was all she wrote. Final standings were Dane Pioli (me) 1st, Taylor Jenson 2nd, Harley Ingelby 3rd, Jye Byrnes 4th.

I’d also like to mention I have teamed up with Bennett surfboards now and have a Dane Pioli model being released this week which I’m super excited about. To be working closely with such a historical company and guys that really know there stuff is unreal..

Also this weekend I will be competing in the 35th malfunction at snapper rocks in the pro and the log divisions so fingers crossed!!

Dane P.

To hear and see more from Dane, stay tuned to this website!

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