Lead from the Front with Vibration Monitoring

Lead from the front with effective Vibration Monitoring

Earlier this year, figures researched by Marsh, an international insurance company, revealed that the financial loss from accidents for the 100 largest global hydrocarbon industry players was in excess of $37 billion (AUD).

When the figures were published, Process Engineering asked “Could these losses, both financial and human, have been dramatically reduced if more effective safety measures had been in place?” The answer to the question is seemingly to be “Yes” according to Alan King, a consultant specialising in hazard and reliability, who commented that process incidents drive companies to examine and review the technological systems that they use.

For any process industry, disasters are unfortunate and give cause to remind that things can go wrong at any instance, but there is a wide range of innovative devices and wisdom readily accessible designed to reduce risk. The use of vibration sensorswireless vibration monitoring systemsoil sampling or any other of a wide variety of condition monitoring techniques can help lengthen asset operation life for industrial machinery. Sometimes that operating life can be helped to be extended past recommended maintenance intervals or, at the opposite end of the scale, help quickly identify problems in machinery vibration that could lead to production downtime or worst case, a catastrophic failure.

GVS Reliability Products products also enable operators to satisfy the ever-more robust regulations imposed regarding health, safety & environment, which have made the use of vibration sensors and oil sampling in non-safe areas a prime requisite. The use of vibration monitoring, oil sampling, and other condition monitoring techniques can help asset owners to operate with enhanced performance, reduced downtime, and ahead of the curve with health and safety legislation – and in so doing, that company will be leading from the front.

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