Latest GVS Reliability Products product provides Online Vibration Monitoring to customers with space restrictions.

GVS Reliability Products leading supplier; Hansford Sensors, has launched a new accelerometer, providing online vibration monitoring and specifically designed for use applications where space and access are limited. The all-new HS-420S vibration sensor provides reliability and maintenance staff with a low-cost online means of monitoring fans, pumps, motors, and a wide range of process equipment. The HS-420S comes with the inbuilt capability of interfacing directly to PLC, BMS, or any 4-20mA input module.

The design and development of the HS-420S online vibration sensor meets the high demand for a low profile and cost-effective industrial accelerometer that is suitable for a wide range of applications where space and access to machinery measuring points is limited. With a weight of only 170 grams and measuring 25mm in width and 35mm in length, the HS-420S vibration sensor can also be used for offline applications using many commercially available data collectors. The base isolated vibration sensor ensures that problems are detected early. This in turn allows maintenance professionals to plan intervention strategies with minimal disruption to production which in turn saves our customers money due to unforseen plant failure.

Armoured within a stainless steel casing, the 2-pin side entry velocity sensor functions within an operating temperature range of -25 to +90 ºC and is sealed to an ingress protection level of IP67. The HS-420S vibration sensor also provides the added option of an integrated temperature sensor. Again, with this addition, Hansford Sensors continues meeting customer needs for simultaneous vibration and temperature measurement from a single compact device.

GVS Reliability Products full suite of products and vibration monitoring equipment is designed to enhance efficiency and protect manufacturing and engineering process equipment.

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