Knowing your vessel with Condition Monitoring

In our last blog post, we touched on the importance of condition monitoring to the marine industry – within both transportation and tourism sub-industries. Today, we will delve a little further and look at some specific examples of where knowing your vessel with condition monitoring and the use of vibration monitoring tools can assist companies who utilise the sea as their road.

Traditionally condition monitoring did not exist in the marine industry vessel equipment is checked annually by a surveyor. Condition monitoring strategies have not yet been adopted by many shipping companies today and equipment is still being checked once a year. Without condition monitoring, the way to analyse the state of equipment is for onboard engineers to take apart the equipment and have the surveyor analyse it piece by piece.

On large vessels, surveyors aren’t able to survey all the equipment given the huge amount of different equipment and often have the time to survey 20% of total equipment. This means that 80% aren’t checked on even an annual basis.

Condition monitoring makes monitoring and maintenance of a ship’s moving parts and equipment so much more efficient and effective. Utilising vibration monitoring, an engineer can identify the parts that aren’t performing at maximum capacity and present them to the surveyor for inspection.

GVS stock a range of accelerometers also offer robust and reliable service, thanks to stainless steel sensor housings that can prevent the ingress of moisture, dust, oils and other contaminants, making them perfect for sea environments.

Rather than having an annual check of a small portion of parts that you may or may not know are working, invest in your organisation and know exactly where and when issues are arising, which will save you a lot of lost time and revenue.

Check out the GV Sensors range of accelerometers here. If you have any questions or want to find out more about condition monitoring in the shipping industry, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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