Earlier this year GVS Reliability Products put out a challenge to our subscribers to demonstrate how vibration analysis is a dominant force in predictive maintenance.

Entrants were requested to submit the following

  1. Picture of a failed bearing
  2. Snapshot of VA data
  3. Description of the analysis process to prove how the fault was found.

The Winners prize is a $100 gift voucher and the prestigious title of the ‘King of Vibes’.

We were inundated with entries but alas, there can be only one winner. And that was Ben Hardy from Noble Engineering. We believed Ben’s entry was a great example of how vibration analysis is such a powerful tool in determining the health of a bearing / machine.

His entry below –

SymptomsAcceleration data showed increasing levels over time with harmonics of the inner raceway defect frequency and impacting indications increasing in the waveform.

Other Maintenance / Operational Information: This motor pump set up is a vertical type unit with this top bearing being the axial load carrier.

This pump unit had been in service for a number of years also.


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