Iron ore mining and Motion Amplification®

Rio Tinto Yandicoogina (iron ore mine in West Australia’ Pilbara region) recently completed training for their latest acquisition; Motion Amplification®.

Rio Tinto own an integrated portfolio of iron ore assets: a world-class, integrated network of 17 mines, four independent port terminals, a rail network spanning nearly 2,000 kilometres and related infrastructure – all designed to respond rapidly to changes in demand. Rio Tinto are one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of iron ore.

Rio Tinto’s world-class Predictive Maintenance program informs maintenance and operations of asset health and increases overall plant reliability. Therefore, Motion Amplification® is a perfect technology to enhance that success.

Motion Amplification® deliverables:

  • Visualisation of the root cause of unacceptable vibration detected via routine and online Predictive Maintenance (PdM) programs
  • Through visualisation, transition to root cause problem solving and defect elimination
  • Perfect tool for screening assets, fault finding, commissioning new assets, and pre/post repairs or retrofits
  • Communication between technical and non-technical personnel and original equipment manufacturers, enhancing the decision-making process

The training was well received with one participant saying ‘Great video Andrew – Thanks again on behalf of the team’. The Motion Amplification® training is Certified by RDI Technologies Inc.

Motion Amplification® – Visualise, Measure, Troubleshoot, Correct.

Reliability You Can See and Trust.

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