Improving Automation Automatically

In a lot of industries, improving automation automatically is becoming an increasingly important tool to optimise the operations of an organisation. The one issue with automation is that it removes the human monitoring processes that would ensure everything is optimised to its maximum efficiency.

Vibration sensors and monitoring tools have provided organisations around the globe with an opportunity to automate these processes and still be able to capture critical data that ensures machine performance and overall productivity remains at a maximum without the need of constant human monitoring.

Handheld and portable data collectors and analysers are also ever present tools, providing basic protection for organisations that cannot afford a dedicated vibration sensor system for each machine, but still want basic protection or a ‘second opinion’ for online systems. If a system is highly instrumental to the protection of staff or the generation of revenue, it is increasingly likely that a permanent vibration monitoring setup will be employed. Downtime and staff injuries are two of the most critical occurrences that an employer wants to avoid.

The modern accelerometers are strong and sound devices, with stainless steel sensor housings that minimise the impact of a wide range of pollutants including dust, liquid and other harmful substances. These sensors are able to be submerged to large depths and some have been designed specifically to cater to the needs of a specific industry/industries ensuring accurate monitoring and detection of any issues.

A failure to ensure your machinery is functioning at a safe and profitable capacity can be the difference between a successful and a catastrophic transition to automating processes. Vibration sensors afford you the opportunity to ensure you’re minimising any impact of automation and at the same time improving automatically.

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