Have you been listening for the SDT Ultrasound?

GVS is proud to introduce SDT Ultrasound for the Australian and New Zealand markets. The SDT 270, it is something that we are very excited about.

It means a slight deviation away from only vibration sensors for us but, we feel the addition of the SDT product range is in keeping with the GVS philosophy of “Quality Industrial Sensors, for a Reliability Driven World.”

So, the question is; what can ‘Ultrasound’ do for you? If you said detect Air Leaks or monitor Steam Traps you would be right….BUT the SDT 270 technology can accomplish much, much more…

Read on to find out if you have been listening…

There is no other inspection technology that compares to ultrasound when it comes to the number and variety of applications it can perform.

The SDT 270 can be used as a standalone unit or enhance other predictive maintenance methods for the below applications.

Acoustic Lubrication

Lubrication programs are generally time-based. While this is a commonly used and well recognised practice, time based lubrication can sometimes lead to; under-lubricated or over-lubricated bearings. Although bearing manufacturers will state certain intervals at which their bearings should be greased, we well know that not all plant and machinery operates under the same conditions.

A bearing on one plant may operate 12 hrs a day at minimal load whereas, the very same bearing on another part of the plant may be running 24hrs a day at max load. Obviously, both bearings are going to need a different amount of grease at different intervals. By only using a time base greasing method, one can easily over or under lubricate bearings causing premature bearing failure and unplanned shutdowns. You would be very surprised at how commonplace this scenario is across ALL industries. Not just the small operations.

With the use of Ultrasound, the SDT 270 gives the operator or lubrication tech the ability to “listen” to the bearing, gauge if grease is needed or not, apply the correct amount of grease and be assured that everything that can be done for that bearing, has. This amazing device gives the plant and operations staff peace of mind and ultimately, saves the company on;

  1. Oils/lubrican
  2. Man hours lubricating
  3. Healthily lubricated bearings
  4. Unplanned downtime
  5. Lost production.

To learn more about using the SDT 270 for help when lubricating bearings, please click on this link.

Electrical Inspections

There are many existing technologies which look at common electrical faults failure such as; thermography, radio frequency detectors, or UV cameras. All are effective and are necessary but when it comes to versatility, functionality and practicality nothing can compare to the SDT 270 Ultrasound unit.

The SDT 270 is a highly portable unit and is fast becoming the tool of choice for electrical faults due to its early detection accuracy, measurement repeatability, and diagnostic capability. To the end-user this information is invaluable. Maintenance can be planned well in advance, workers are kept safe from electrical hazards and financial gains can be easily equated.

To learn more about using the SDT 270 for help when conducting electrical inspections, please click on this link.

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