GVS Reliability Products & IMVAC 2017

GVS Reliability Products was privileged and excited to exhibit and co-sponsor IMVAC, the all new conference for Vibration Analysts & Condition Monitoring Professionals.

The event ran at the Gold Coast from September 5th through 7th. IMVAC (International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference) was designed specifically for vibration and condition monitoring professionals. This is a perfect fit for GVS as we strive to inform and arm the reliability professionals with asset health inspection hardware in our corner of the globe. From the amazing IRIS M, Motion Amplification technology, the ground breaking LUBExpert and our industrial vibration sensor range from Hansford Sensors, GVS added great value to the IMVAC community.

GVS supported the hosting of workshops, learning sessions and case studies to the latest technologies featured in the expo. IMVAC provided practical learning in the important aspects of industrial vibration analysis and the complementary condition monitoring technologies (Thermography, Wear Particle, Oil Analysis, Motor Testing, UltrasoundLubrication, Shaft Alignment and Field Testing).

IMVAC helped attendees form new relationships with fellow reliability improvement practitioners, and provided actionable new skills and knowledge that can be taken back to the plant to help attendees deliver even greater value.

One final word, our principal supplier Ultrasound hardware of SDT engaged the esteemed Tom Murphy to join the team at IMVAC to present and discuss the advantages of a sophisticated Ut inspection device and program. From all reports, Toms presentations were a success and many took take the time to talk to Tom while attending the event.

Top Reasons to Attend IMVAC

  • Focused Event
    IMVAC is dedicated to Vibration Analysis, Maintenance and Reliability, and Condition Monitoring Technologies
  • Variety of Content
    Each IMVAC event has 3 keynote presentations and over 50+ top-rated educational presentations from leading industry experts
  • Expand Your Network
    Network with other learning professionals from leading companies around the world including Shell, Dupont, GE, Siemens, Bridgestone, Weyerhaeuser, GM, Johnson Controls, and MillerCoors
  • Learn from Your Peers
    Improve diagnostic knowledge and skills while building relationships with peers who face the same challenges
  • New Technology
    IMVAC has an Exhibit Hall featuring more than 30 exhibitors providing the latest products and solutions
  • Add to Your Library
    The IMVAC Bookstore gives convenient access to the latest Condition Monitoring books (featured at IMVAC Australia and IMVAC USA)

GVS were indeed excited to be involved in the 1st IMVAC conference to be held in Australia.

We are looking forward to an exciting IMVAC 2018!

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