XT Laser transmitters

Machinery installed on a surface that is not flat and level faces a high risk of failure right from the beginning. With the XT laser transmitters, you satisfy the requirements for flatness and level mentioned in standards such as ISO and ANSI/ASA. This will lead to lower maintenance costs and enhance the long-term performance of your equipment.

Two models available

The two transmitters are at their core the same, but some things differ, addressing different user needs:

XT20 are for those who take flatness and straightness measurements for machine installations, and for those who check surface flatness on manufactured parts. XT20 is water and dust protected (IP55). This is the choice for maintenance and installation technicians. Excellent also for checking flange flatness.

XT22 in addition also lets you point the laser beam perpendicular to the laser plane. A built-in vertical preci­sion level also lets you level it when mounted on its side so the laser plane sweeps vertically. XT22 provides more options for geometrical measurements, and even higher accuracy and precision thanks to fiber laser technology, among other things. With this transmitter you can literally measure anything!

Connected reliability

The XT transmitters have wireless connection to our XT Alignment App. This means that during measurement you get warning messages about events that can affect the result negatively, for example if the transmitter position has changed, or temperature changes inside the unit. Digital read-out (in the app or in the built-in display) means accuracy will not be affected by user interpretation or possible bad ambient lighting. We can also let the app guide you step-by-step when calibrating the levels before measuring.

Electronic levels mean benefits

The benefits with electronic levels over analogue ones are many:

  • Digital readout (in the app or in the built-in display) means the accuracy will not be affected by user interpretation or possible bad ambient lighting.
  • Electronic zeroing eliminates the cumbersome work caused by manual set up and associated errors that can follow.
  • The electronic levels stabilize faster, resulting in a better user experience and quicker measurement jobs.

Versatility in every sense

Both transmitters can be used with the Straightness, Basic Flatness, and Values programs. Fact is, with the Values program you can tackle almost any type of geometrical measurements! A long lasting rechargeable battery provides an operating time of up to 30 hours. The transmitters have lots of mounting possibilities, various attachments for brackets, and repositionable attachment magnets. There’s a solution for every measurement situation.


You need measuring unit XT70-M as detector, which is standard with system XT770. It can also be purchased separately. If you would like to use XT20/XT22 with one of your existing Easy-Laser D- or E-series systems your will need to download the free XT Alignment App to be able to calibrate the digital levels.*

For more details, please download the product flyer you find under the tab Downloads.


* The design of the XT transmitters differs in many ways from previous models like for example D22. They can therefore not be exchanged straight off. Ask your local distributor before purchase.

XT20 and XT22 product features

One of the most important things during machine installation is to ensure the flatness of the base. With the XT20 and XT22 we have facilitated handling, which makes for faster measurements and fewer fault sources. More reliable machine installation, put simply. 

  • 05-0835 XT Manual 9.0.0 EN_lores.pdfDownload
  • XT20_XT22_brochure_05-0994_rev1.1_eng.pdfDownload

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