Vibe Port


Make vibration data collection faster.

The Vibe Port is a vibration and temperature transmitter that sends data wirelessly, across ethernet/internet or cell phone communications, from your sensors to your monitoring system.

Wireless GV-700 Vibe Port was fitted to a shuttle pulley in a screen house, this critical to production shuttle pulley traversed across the screen house with the conveyor pulley rotating around 91 RPM. The system was set up and manual data was collected via condition monitoring personal on a routine basis. This pulley is critical to the throughput of the plant, and being in an awkward location (on top of the screen house), it is also critical due to the resources required to be arranged for a change out.

Collect data from anywhere in the world, from your desk

The Vibe Port vibration and temperature system is a ‘Plug and Play’ monitoring system. It is designed to allow data to be captured from almost anywhere utilising various communication technologies.

Portable Receiver

The data is collected via a Portable Receiver which is mounted in a Pelican case for mobility. In the field, the portable Receiver can communicate wirelessly with each Transmitter up to 100m line of site.

Any brand of vibration analyser can be connected to the receiver, via a BNC connector to collect the data. Simply toggle the rotary switch to select the channel for the corresponding point on the machine and collect the data. Use the Desktop Receiver Model for data collection in the office.


The Transmitter is housed in a SS enclosure fitted with an external aerial. Each Transmitter is capable of accepting 8 vibration inputs plus 8 temperature inputs when using dual output accelerometers.

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