Atten2 Intelligence to your Oil Systems

The Atten2 Smart Monitoring Kit is a revolutionary concept that will provide intelligence to your standard filtration carts and hydraulic systems, allowing visibility of the performance of the asset condition.

The Smart Monitoring Kit is a universal solution that can be integrated into a hydraulic system independently of its brand and design. This kit is an add-on element with a plug&play configuration. The device will be able to offer particle counting based on ISO or NAS code and bubble counting along with shape recognition features and oil degradation, powered by Atten[2] OilWear 2.0 sensor.

The Kit counts with a flow condition solution (pump or valve) that allow the control of the operational conditions, independently of the fluid dynamics. As an option, it could be offered with a humidity sensor to measure the water content in the lubricant.

The Kit includes an HMI with all features to control the system, see real-time data, store and extract it via USB and connect remotely to digitalise your lubricant-based asset condition monitoring.

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