SM7 Wireless Mote Tri-axial Vibration and Temperature

Product Number: GVS-SM7-1150

Easy-to-install condition monitoring in a compact package from Waites.

The Waites SM7 boasts market-leading battery life at elevated temperatures due to its new battery chemistry, making it ideal for hot industrial, manufacturing and mining environments. With five-year battery performance at up to 85 ºC, there are no more short battery life issues with standard battery chemistries and with the replaceable power source, it ensures ongoing system performance and equipment insight.

Combined with our powerful, cloud-based, Waites reliability portal, this high-frequency, high-g, 3-axis, vibration sensor with wake-on-shake trigger functionality will keep your equipment running properly and alert you long before unexpected failures occur. The compact size of this sensor mote allows it to fit into practically any space, enabling your operation to monitor machines in even the tightest locations.

Integrated with our deep machine learning routines, the high-frequency ImpactVue™ feature captures mechanical failures months before they become catastrophic. With hundreds of thousands of sensors installed and monitored, customers with Waites systems realize hundreds of millions of dollars per year in documented lost production savings and increased production capacity.

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