Atten2 Rugged Series

The Atten2 Rugged Smart Monitoring Kit has been specially designed for heavy-duty applications.

The Smart Monitoring Kit is an universal solution that can be integrated into a lubrication system independently of the brand and design. This kit is an add-on element with a plug&play configuration.

The device provides particle counting (ISO 4406 or NAS 1638), bubble counting, particle shape recognition and oil degradation information powered by Atten[2] OilWear digital imaging technology sensor.

The Kit is equipped with a flow condition solution (gear pump) that allows operational condition control, independently of the fluid dynamics.
Wireless communication is provided via 3G and 4G gateway. The Rugged series is protected by a stainless-steel enclosure to ensure water and dust resistance (IP66 & IK10).

Data Sheets

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