OilWear® C100

Atten2 Counter Series

Atten2 technology based on artificial vision and AI algorithms that provide fast, real-time information about machine status, allowing decisions and actions to be taken at an early stage of failure, generating considerable savings.

Atten2’s OilWear® C100 is an online sensor that detects particles and bubbles larger than 4 microns in the machine fluid and classifies them into six size ranges. Designed to work installed in-line, it provides real- time information about the machine’s condition through the contamination of its fluids.

OilWear® C100 is the best ally for predictive maintenance strategy based on oil cleanliness. The measurement of an abnormal amount of particles allows the early detection of machine failures and thus the initiation of corrective actions.

OilWear® C100 has a robust, modular design and is easy to integrate into any data acquisition system or CMS of the oil condition monitoring asset.

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