Oil Quality Series

The game-changer from Atten2 for comprehensive water content analysis.

OilMoisture is an online optical sensor that uses infrared technology for water content detection. Now, early diagnosis is possible, reducing potential failures associated with water presence in lubrication and hydraulic systems and improving the machine and process reliability.

Water is one of the most dangerous contaminants for the lubrication of critical systems, not only because its presence may be a symptom of leaks, but also because it acts as machine critical component corrosive catalyst and lubricant oil degradation. Our advanced technology is able to measure dissolved, emulsified and free water in your fluid.

  • Degradation
  • Fluid temperature
  • Water presence (OilMoisture & OilHealth Probe Max)
  • *Water PPM & % (OilMoisture & OilHealth Probe Max)
Data Sheets

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