GVS Mounting Solutions

GVS Reliability Products’ high quality mounting studs are suited to a range of machines and markets. We ship our hardware Australia wide, year round.

GVS Reliability Products provide accelerometer mounting solutions for every application. Here you will find anything from magnet base mounting pads to motor fin mounting solutions. Whatever your application, we will provide the solution required to get your accelerometers and cables mounted.

Please see the corresponding data sheets for specific options & part numbers.

SeriesDescriptionSpecsData sheet
GVS-HM03Holding magnet35mm diameter, 30kg holdDrawing
GVS-HM08Data collection magnet26mm diameter, 18kg holdDrawing
GVS-HM09Compact data collection magnet21mm diameter, 13kg holdDrawing
GVS-HM10GluMag flat base holding magnet30mm diameterDrawing
GVS-HM19Budget portable data collection magnet25m diameter, 16kg holdDrawing
GVS-MF205Motor fin mounting pad25mm diameterDrawing
GVS-MP02-02Mounting pad15mm diameterDrawing
GVS-MP03Mounting pad with flat base25mm diameterDrawing
GVS-MP04Mounting pad with flat GluMag base25mm diameterDrawing
GVS-MP05Mounting pad with flat GluMag base30mm diameterDrawing
GVS-MP11AF pad with male thread base22.2 - 25mm diameterDrawing
GVS-MP11SPAF M8 SP taper base mounting pad22.2 - 25mm diameterDrawing
GVS-MP11-SPEX100Extension for GVS-MP11SP100mm lengthDrawing
GVS-MP24HTAF taper base mounting pad18 - 20.5mm diameterDrawing
GVS-MP27HTAF M8 taper base mounting pad25 - 28mm diameterDrawing
GVS-MP31SPAF M8 SP taper base mounting pad27 - 31mm diameterDrawing
GVS-TB32Triaxial mounting block32mm sqDrawing
GVS-ISOAF isolator mounting pad27mm diameterDrawing

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