Modal Amplified

Modal Amplified™, a camera-based Modal Test and Analysis solution, enables a new shift from the time-consuming sensor mapping, placement, fixation, and animated modeling of typical Modal Testing to instant capture, visualization, and analysis on real-life structures.

Turn Hours and Days into Minutes

Modal Amplified leverages simultaneous measurement of the force input with the response measured directly from the camera. Users can not only immediately visualize the resulting modes shapes, but they can place an unlimited number of sensors across the structure through virtual regions of interests. This approach allows users to have Modal results in a matter of minutes, from capture to visualizing the modes shapes, complete with dozens, even hundreds of sensors measured across the structure. ​

Rather than spend hours and days setting up a test site to determine what a structure theoretically could look like and how it might react using Modal Testing, camera-based Modal Amplified sets up in minutes, can be moved anywhere for multiple views, and instantly visualizes the actual real-life structure, significantly improving data capture, workflow, and cost for Modal solution users.​

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