Iris Edge™

Iris Edge™ from RDI Technologies is a camera-based vibration analysis tool that collects large-scale data and seamlessly transmits it to your IoT platform.

Iris Edge™ combines PoE, a pan-tilt mount and auto focus to make deploying cameras for vibration monitoring easier than ever before while delivering all the benefits of Motion Amplification®. With Iris Edge™, users can monitor, trend, alert, diagnose, and troubleshoot an even larger field of view and provide the most flexible, scalable, and easiest deployment method for monitoring your assets. No need to contact your assets or even turn them off during installation, simple install a camera and monitor everything it can see.

Key Benefits of Iris Edge:

  • Easy and flexible deployment through PoE, pan-tilt and autofocus
  • Incorporate the full power of Motion Amplification® into your IoT strategy
  • Integrate vibration data into data systems through MQTT
  • Monitor multiple assets with one camera through user defined pan/tilt camera views and virtually unlimited measurement locations
  • Trend, historize and display data through easy-to-use dashboards
Data Sheets
  • RDI Technologies Iris Edge Data SheetDownload

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