• 2 part adhesive
  • Quick cure
  • Maximum temperature 100°C
  • Typical tube will stick 25 studs


Fitting Instructions
To ensure that the accelerometer gives optimum performance it is important that care is taken when mounting the stud and accelerometer by following the instructions below:-

  • Select a mounting position, in any plane, as close as possible to the vibration source
  • Prepare a flat, smooth, unpainted surface larger than the base of the accelerometer
  • Thoroughly clean the surface and the base of the glue stud with solvent
  • Dispense required amount of Loctite Metal Adhesive Set onto a suitable tray. Mix thoroughly to an even colour. This should take no more than 1 – 2 minutes. Apply adhesive to the base of the stud and fit to the prepared surface. The adhesive will begin to set after a few minutes, but allow 1 hour for a full strength bond
  • Before fitting the accelerometer to the stud, smear grease onto the mating surfaces to ensure good coupling to the accelerometer
  • Fit the accelerometer to the stud and lightly tighten
  • Loop the cable and cleat to the accelerometer body, then cleat the cable to a surface to minimise movement

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