CONMONSense Range

CONMONSense Range is a Standalone, Permanent Mount, Ultrasound Sensor designed to integrate with standard industrial measurement systems.

CONMONSense delivers precise, repeatable data about the health of your assets and electrical systems also in the most challenging environment.

Its resonant piezo element is optimized for ultrasound driven lubrication, mechanical fault detection, and monitoring the health of valves, steam, hydraulic systems and electrical defects.

Ultrasound is a true measure of the FITness of your facility. Most assets produce FRICTIONIMPACTING, and TURBULENCE as defect indicators. CONMONSense hears these phenomena at their inception and delivers an analog signal response to your connected measurement system.

With an output range from 4-20mA or from 0-10V, CONMONSense mounts permanently to any asset to provide continuous condition monitoring data.
Avoid unplanned downtime and put the safety of your plant and colleagues first.

CONMONSense Contact Sensor

Permanent contact/structure (IP65) sensor for continuous monitoring bearings lubrication, valves, steam traps, hydraulics systems and rotating assets, even the slowest ones.

CONMONSense Airborne Sensor

Airborne open (IP40) and enclosed (IP65) for inspection of electrical systems.

The design of this sensor allows precise and repetitive measurements to continuously monitor your electrical cabinet’s health. Put the safety of your plant and colleagues first.

Data Sheets
  • CONMONSense-Contact-Sensor-Data-Sheet.pdfDownload
  • CONMONSense-Airborne-Sensor-IP40.pdfDownload
  • CONMONSense-Airborne-Sensor-IP65.pdfDownload

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