Portable Vibration Calibrator, self-contained loop-controlled vibration system with the ability to read accelerometer sensitivity readings for IEPE and Charge mode sensors. AT2040 also features a built-in signal simulator output and built-in supplies for sensors that require power.

AT2040 portable vibration calibrator device comes with three main modes of operation.

Shake – This is useful for performing end-to-end checks or other vibration testing where accelerometer sensitivity is not needed.

Test – This displays the accelerometer or proximity probe sensitivity reading and create a PDF certificate.

Simulate – Simulator mode is similar to “shake” mode, but a function generator is used instead of the electrodynamic shaker. The advantages of using simulator mode to perform vibration checks are numerous. The simulator is more accurate and performs over a wider range because it is not bound to the mechanical limitations of the electrodynamic shaker

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