GV Sensors to attend VANZ conference in New Zealand

Heading to Hamilton, from 14-16 May, GV Sensors to attend the 2013 National VANZ conference in New Zealand. VANZ are a leading body for vibration monitoring across New Zealand and their conference brings together leaders within the vibration area in NZ and around the world, keeping up to date with the latest vibration monitoring technologies and activities. The event offers GVS the opportunity to connect with professionals within those who sit within the NZ and wider Pacific vibration industry.

As the New Zealand distributor of Hansford Sensors, GV Sensors has developed strong relationships with many organisations in the NZ industrial sector. Although we are based in Australia, we have a strong commitment to our NZ market and we relish being part of leading NZ events such as the VANZ conference. They allow us to further extend our relationships with NZ organisations and create further relationships and partnerships to organisations that require high quality sensors for monitoring and automation. As Hansford Sensors distributor in Australia and NZ, GV Sensors have an obligation to promote high quality and reliable products for use in the industrial sector and we see our presence at VANZ as a perfect way to further expand within the domestic market and solidify our commitment to New Zealand. GVS will use this event to understand the overall sentiment and requirements of the NZ market, with the aim of creating a two-way dialogue where GVS can listen and support to our NZ customers.

For more information about the 2013 VANZ conference, visit

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