Enhancing your vibration monitoring with HS-420 series accelerometers

The ability to optimise and ensure your machinery is running to full capacity is imperative to an organisation’s success. When machine efficiency declines, you are placing the productivity and profitability of your business at risk. In highly competitive industries, both machine downtime and enhancing your vibration monitoring with HS-420 series accelerometers can give your competitors the edge.

It is critical that your machinery and all its parts are continuously monitored so you’re constantly aware of their performance. As your equipment is often situated in remote or unsafe areas where direct access is often difficult, your machinery requires durable and sustainable solutions designed to suit the conditions specific to your industry.

GVS has a range of vibration accelerometers that will suit your vibration monitoring needs. The HS-420 series (4-20 mA piezoelectric vibration sensors) are built to monitor vibrations in harsh industrial environments. The HS-420 series are a range of accelerometers with an analogue output specifically for use with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). GVS also stock PLC accelerometers that have; armored protection, flame resistance and can be submerged in water. The HS-420 series also comes with a variety of mounting threads to fit your individual application.

GVS also stock a range of Dual Output accelerometers that incorporate oil resistant and submersible cables, which have been designed for an array of below ground applications. The dual output accelerometers can be submerged to depths of up to 100 metres.

Good Vibration Sensors prides itself on its high quality service and is synonymous with providing the latest in vibration sensor technology. Put simply, GVS provide the best solutions for your business.

To see more on the HS-420 series from GVS, please head to our HS-420 Series page or you can Contact Us directly for more information.

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