Driving the safety of sensor technology

In Australia, we come in to contact with sensor technology not just in factories, mining, energy or manufacturing industries. Something that may surprise you is that sensor technology is in fact a part of your daily life as well, you may just not know it.

We regularly drive cars to get to where we want to go. In a global context, we have a very high propensity to utilise our own vehicle to get from A to B. More often than not a family unit will have at least 2 cars in their household. Commuting to work, school and university are often much less time consuming and more cost effective than taking public transportation.

Here in Australia, the greater volume on the road means a greater volume of accidents. We are very conscious of our national road toll, with it reported on the news almost daily and as a consequence, car manufacturers are pushed to enhance safety elements of motor vehicles.

Today, most new vehicles that arrive in Australia possess electronic stability control (ESC) monitoring systems and tyre pressure monitoring systems, with the aim of these two systems to help maximise your safety on the road. Both these types of monitoring systems rely on the use of sensing technology.

The ultimate goals of sensing technology are maximising safety and minimising downtime. These goals marry incredibly well with car owners and manufacturers alike. The importance of sensor technology in vehicles is pivotal with studies in the US suggesting that ESC technology reducing fatalities on our roads by up to a third. For Australian buyers, the website promotes more statistics on the safety of ESC technology.

The blog often talks about safety in factories and plants specific to many industries, but the use of sensor technology helps to promote and drive safety across machinery in all industries. In today’s technological age, you will come into contact with machinery in some way, shape, or form, and it’s pivotal that the machines are as safe as possible. Sensor technology is one integration being implemented across a range of machines to increase your safety and the safety of those around you.

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