Condition Monitoring – it’s everywhere!

Condition monitoring is something we at GV Sensors hold in high regard. It’s a proactive measure that ensures you and your engineers are completely aware of any changes in vibration, temperature and effectively in the overall performance the component parts of your machines. Should one of your parts fail, without anyone in your organisation having prior knowledge of the impending failure, the damage and subsequent fallout can be catastrophic for your bottom line. It may cost you from a productivity standpoint, cost you from a financial standpoint and more commonly, it will cost you both.

Condition monitoring strategies are not by any means exclusively applicable to machinery and engineers. Each individual is constantly monitoring their own condition 24/7. You identify a change in your body if you start to become ill and you take the appropriate measures (see a doctor) to remedy that before parts fail and your productivity drops. You are looking for signs of fatigue and remedy that with rest and sleep, because it is necessary for your body to recharge daily. Failure to adequately take care of yourself leads to huge drops in your personal productivity and wellbeing.

If you have a pet, you’re also required to implement condition monitoring strategies to ensure their well being. You recognise changes in their behaviour, in their mood and their habits. If something appears wrong, you can identify and investigate these to remedy them.

Obviously condition monitoring strategies are a little different from a human to a machine, however reflecting on how you constantly are evaluating your own performance physically to ensure you are 100% as much as possible highlights the importance of maintaining optimal performance, as the consequences of failure can be catastrophic.

You don’t have the ability to ‘feel’ and use senses to evaluate the performance of machines in the same way as you can your own body, so you must rely on products such as accelerometers and other condition monitoring tools to ensure that you are completely aware of the performance of your parts. GV Sensors provide a wide range of condition monitoring tools that will ensure you are in tune with your machine’s performance, 100% of the time.

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